We have a 30-day return policy, which means that we will decide whether to accept a return within that time frame. We are unable to grant a refund if 30 days have gone by after you received your item and you have not reported the request. Only faulty, damaged, or broken items are eligible for a full refund. If your product is flawed or damaged, you have three days to write to us about the problem. Your correspondence must contain images, videos, and any other proof that supports a refund. We have 30 days from the time this email is received to consider a return or refund procedure. 

Your item must be unworn or unused, with tags still attached, and in the original packing in order to be eligible for a return. A receipt or other official proof of purchase is also required.

Non-returnable items

  • If you ask for a refund for a defective item more than three days after receiving it
  • After 30 days after receiving a non-faulty product, you may request to return it.
  • Any item returned after the 30-day delivery window will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Products that have been misused or improperly used
  • With the use of our goods, we disclaim all responsibility for bodily injury to you or third parties. 

You are in charge of picking the appropriate measurements. Before placing an order, please double-check the measures to prevent disappointment. If you, the consumer, neglect to examine and assess the size and measures of an item, we are not responsible. Ask before placing your order if you have any questions or are unsure of the measurement.

Items that are not in their original state, are damaged, or lack parts for any reason other than our error are not returnable. Any damage you cause to any of our merchandise is not our fault. 


Returning your current item and then making a new purchase for the swapped item after your return has been processed will ensure that you receive your exchanged product the quickest. Your exchanged item may take a different amount of time to reach you. We can't promise that we'll get your returned goods, so we advise you to buy insurance or tracking instead. Products that you incorrectly measured using the measurement chart on our website will not be accepted back. Before placing an order, please get in touch with us if the measurement is not listed on the website


When we have examined the proof of defective products, we will let you know and let you know whether or not the refund was accepted. If accepted, a refund will be made automatically to your original payment method. Please keep in mind that the refund processing time from your bank or credit card provider may take some time.


Delivery delays will not qualify as cancellations, refunds, or chargebacks. Of course, with the conditions brought on by COVID-19 in some areas, delivery delays have grown to be a major problem. The lockout in numerous locations is beyond our control. The current state of the global pandemic crisis may result in delays. There has been a delay as a result of some carriers changing their timetable. According to our Terms and Conditions Policy, COVID-19 is a Force Majeure resulting from unanticipated circumstances. We never stop striving to give each and every one of our valued clients the best service possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and potential delays, but they won't be an excuse for a chargeback or refund request!


It is not possible to cancel orders that have already been shipped or delivered. Only when the product has been delivered in compliance with the aforementioned terms may you submit a return request. 


Chargebacks are not accepted by us. We are here to address any issues our clients may have. A claim cannot, under any circumstances, be for more money than was actually paid for the purchase, including shipping. 

In order to begin a return process, you must contact us at